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Abnou and History

Lead Artist - Nathan Hughes
Project Manager - Ben Meller (Community & Learning Officer, Dyrham Park)

Pyrotechnic Garden by Dark Spark (Mark Anderson & Helen Ingham)
Pyrotechnic Gardeners - Jony Easterby, Graeme Hogg, David Boulton, Andrew Shaw, Pippa Taylor, John Jones, Mark Bothwick, Jonathan Evans
Lighting & Projections for Reception Area & Old Lodge Hill viewing point by Muffled Visions: (Ulf Mark Pedersen, Andy Barrett, Alistair Jones)


Musical Director - Tom Worley
Conch Player - Juan Gabriel


Dance performance routines by Monks’ Park School group:
(Ellismae Britton, Rebecca Thorne, Imogen Sansun, Jenny Thomspon,
Amy Howard, Georgia May Spikett-Jones)

Choreography by Lea Heard (Dance Teacher, Monks Park School)
Leader of Extra Curricular Provision - Giles Butcher


LED Tulips by Young people from Pucklechurch C.E.V.C. Primary School


Catering by ‘Pink Trouser’s & Co’ (Matthew Olden, Lucy Bailey, James Lea)
reception buffet recipes taken from ‘Pepys at Table’ (Seventeenth century recipes for the modern cook)
by Christopher Driver and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson,1984.

Transport - J. C. Lea
Design & Communication - David Leavesley
Project Neptune micro-website - Robert Stevens
Promotion & Press - Alex Brannen, National Trust
Assistant Producer & Deer Wrangler - Tom Betts


Video Documentation by WibFilm
Stills Photography by Dan Buzzo, Leon Woods, Suzanne Burley


Project Neptune would like to thank the following:

Oliver Purches, Bob Blunden, Patrick Duff, Maureen Youell. Karen Bemmer
David Young, Jean Thorne, Wendy Stott, Jane Warren, Caroline Woodgate,
Linda Hibbard, Eilidh Auckland, Dale Dennehy, Sam Bond, Neil Carter,
John Cotton, Ben Horsburgh. All volunteers, staff and stewards who have helped
in so many ways. Members of staff at Pucklechurch C.E.V.C Primary School.

...and anyone who has helped in any way that we have forgotten to mention here.